The Refurbished Dell Optiplex SX280 desktop computer and also 15 inch Flat Panel LCD provides powerhouse computing that’s best for everyone. The Refurbished Dell Optiplex SX280 PC comes with a Intel Pentium 4 2800 MHz processor, as well as the Genuine Windows XP Professional Operating System along with word document, spreadsheet application & a shortcut to Microsoft Free virus protection. This Dell Optiplex PC also includes 512mb of DDR2 memory, a 40Gig Serial ATA difficult drive, CD ROM optical drive and also a Unique keyboard / mouse. This Dell Optiplex desktop comes totally loaded with Microsoft Windows XP Professional. This package will arrive with a great Original Installation Disk and also has been recently restored with Windows and so you are the first to use it. The Installation Disk will allow you to restore the computer back to the original state of purchase at any time and also prevent expensive trips to the computer repair store.

This Dell Optiplex SX280 desktop computer has additionally been up-to-date with a list of more programs to enhance Microsoft Windows XP Professional. Including a Microsoft compatible Office program which offers a Word Processor, Spreadsheet program, Database program and also Presentation software. It additionally comes with a great Anti-Virus program along with Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer (Internet Browser), Outlook Express (Email), DVD watching software as well as other great Windows programs as well as attributes.

Dell Optiplex SX280 desktop features :
Processor : Intel Pentium 4 2800 MHz
Memory Installed : 512mb DDR2 > Upgradeable to 2048MB
Hard Drive : 40Gig Serial ATA
Optical Drive : CD ROM
Monitor : 15 inch Flat Panel LCD
Internet Connection(s) :  10/100/1000 internal Ethernet port will allow a high speed wired connection.
An USB wireless card (Sold Separately) can be added to allow wireless internet access
Software Installed :  NEW Windows XP Professional, word document & spreadsheet applications, virus protection along with a New Operating System Disk for easy re-installation.
Weight: 25 pounds
and more.

Dell Optiplex SX280 desktop reviews :

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